The aluminum air force has always been just the designation given for the wide range of aircraft models produced by myself and the other modelers at

Until now.

If you followed our story from the website, Soda Can models was born well over twenty years ago and right away the passion for building aircraft models from aluminum cans needed a unique handle. The Aluminum Air Force just seemed to stick.

Our beginnings were rather crude and primitive by today’s standards, but we caught on fast and applied many of the techniques and tips gained from years of plastic and paper model building to our new found art.


An early Nieuport 28 built out of Coke

Soon the aluminum air force was born and amazing and jaw dropping works of art were flying off our work bench. We learned that while can had some similarities to paper or card stock, it still folded and bent just a tad bit different. We learned how to draw and scale our plans to account for this unique variation until the results spoke for themselves.

Best f-104 pic 3

An F-104 Starfighter built last month

We then took our passion for model aircraft building to share with our peers in the plastic model community and soon we were invited to display, sell and compete with them in their annual shows. In 2008 we entered several of our models in the Miscellaneous other than plastic category and won 3 awards including first place. Since then we have won a total of FIVE IPMS awards competing against some of the very best plastic modelers in the United States.


Antonov AN-225 winner of 3rd place 2008

We knew it was time to share our zeal for can crafts and especially aluminum can aircraft with the world. So when we launched Soda Can Models almost fifteen years ago we did so knowing full well that our passion was aircraft model building.  It just grew and grew until we decided we could no longer ignore it. So we decided to launch the Aluminum Air Force as well in order to share that same passion with fellow aircraft and can craft enthusiasts around the world.

So I invite you to step into the old hanger and hang out with the ole Squadron Commander here at the Aluminum Air Force. We can trade some old war stories and talk about our passion for aircraft. And best of all, we can build them together…

Welcome to the Aluminum Air Force!

Squadron Commander, Roy Greenwood