We’re a bit different than all of the other can craft enthusiasts on the web. Let me start out by saying that. Our plans and built models are the product of hours of design on both computer and in the workshop.

We use materials that are easy to find and make your models stronger and better looking. Everyday items such as bamboo skewers, Craft foam, aluminum sheeting from the hardware store, duct tape,  and aluminum foil tape will go a long way to making that perfect soda or beer can aircraft model.


Sample Wing from the F-104 Starfighter

We understand that can craft enthusiasts shopping on our website have kids or are buying plans to build their own models to sell at craft sales, flea markets and swap meets. So as a result, we design them to be rugged to withstand all the poking and prodding they’re going to receive along with all of the attention they’ll get. We’ve got kids too and we’ve spent long days at the rec center and we understand that you need a well-built product withstand the wear and tear of curious kids and day long craft sales.

So that’s why we build and design our soda can aircraft the way we do. They’re going to get a lot of attention and the last thing you want is a rolled wing with a big dent in it or a worse yet, the fuselage. Once that happens, you might as well retire it, right?


Nice dent proof completed wings

But we also wanted a little realism to go along with our ruggedly built planes. We’re not content to just throw a couple of cans together, slap some wings on it and dress it up with cutesy plastic and metal pieces and call it good.


This isn’t like horse shoes. Getting it close just isn’t good enough with aircraft enthusiasts. Either it looks EXACTLY like the plane you’re trying to build or it just doesn’t cut the mustard. So here at The Aluminum Air Force, we strive for realism and I think you’ll find we do much better than getting it close. And after 5 IPMS awards, I think you’ll have to agree there’s a method to our madness.

Learning to build with bulkhead construction and multiple fuselage pieces will take some getting used to, but if you can cut, fold, glue and bend, you’re going to do just fine. If you get stuck, just email the ALAF Squadron Commander and he’ll get you back on track!

 Yeah we’re a bit different here at the ALAF, but I think you’ll agree our hanger looks pretty cool!

 ALAF Squadron Commander Roy Greenwood