Are you in need of a large scale aircraft display for your museum, company or ready room? Then look no further than the soda can aircraft experts at The Aluminum Air Force. We have experience building large displays up to 8 foot long and can easily build a custom display for you too.

Unofficially, we hold the record for the LARGEST soda can aircraft model in the world. Our 8 foot long MD-80 passenger airliner was commissioned by a non-profit organization and was a stunning addition to their show:



The following year, we were commissioned to build a 6 foot long SR-71 blackbird. This amazing model, built out of over 1300 Coke Zero Cans, now resides in the Reconnaissance Squadron ready room at Beale AFB, California:



Sr-71 Blackbird under construction on our work bench



                                                                Sr-71 Blackbird from Coke Zero on display

We have also built several slightly smaller aircraft models in the 3-4 foot range that are equally as stunning as their larger counterparts. We can build almost any aircraft model and size it to the precise scale that you need.



F-15 Aggressor with soda can camouflaging. This model was commissioned at 3.5 feet long.


48 inch long Antonov AN-225 Myra with 46 inch wing span-3rd place winner IPMS 2008



3 foot long Vietnam Era B-52 bomber with camouflage scheme

So if you or your company is looking to commission a large scale display model for your museum, office, ready room, or show, contact the large scale soda can aircraft experts at Aluminum Air Force Sales today!