Coke Can airplane Boeing B-29 plans


You will receive a downloadable PDF file with instructions and templates and photos once you complete checkout through PayPal.  Your plans will be available in DIGITAL format and can be downloaded from the My Accounts tab under downloads once you create an account with us.



Coke Can airplane Boeing B-29 plans delivered DIGITALLY  in a multi-page PDF files PayPal checkout is complete. Plans list all materials and tools required to build soda can airplanes. Each plans file comes with templates and includes step by step directions. Each plan includes photos and diagrams to help you build a stunning soda can airplane designed at the ALAF!  Plans come in U.S. Letter format but can be converted to other formats. Check out the Squadron for our other Coke Can airplane Boeing B-29 plans  and the latest scuttlebutt.

Coke Can airplane Boeing B-29 plans

Welcome to the ALAF, home of the best online soda can airplane Squadron. Kick back in the Hangar and check out ALL of the amazing soda can airplanes here on base. The Commander is in his office, but don’t be afraid to send him an email. You can also reach him on Facebook

Firstly, join the elite ranks of Soda can airplane enthusiasts and purchase a set of plans. Secondly, kick back with the best Soda Can airplane Squadron online. Make yourself a spot in the Hangar but watch out for the head mechanic! Our elite aircraft models featured on Television, Film and Bric TV coming in 2021! In Conclusion, Join the Squadron and become and elite Coke Can airplane Boeing B-29 plans enthusiast!

Coke Can airplane Boeing B-29 plans

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